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About Us

K9 is a company to reckon with when it comes to electric products in terms of quality, availability, variety and durability. Our top of the line electrical products and accessories are smart energy savers, when you use a K9 product you will feel reassured about making affordable, smart and environmentally conscious lifestyle choices. To add to this our products look appealing and nothing short of gorgeous.

Our extensive line of products caters to the technology-savvy, lifestyle conscious and aesthetic loving demands of our clients. The company passionately promotes a culture of research and development while innovating its range of products to stay well ahead in terms of technology and modern design. Our motto is absolutely no compromises when it comes to quality and style.

At K9, we strive to achieve quality driven standards of safety and reliability owing to our stringent work policies and standards of manufacturing. We are passionate about design and serious about our company ethics.

We are sensitive to choices and understand how each little to big thing purchased for a space is a significant move for our customers. We value your choices, if you choose a K9 product be rest assured it is a relationship for keeps, we will make sure you are well served. We pledge to remain highly intuitive and keep our range of products evolving to keep up with you.